Academic Pathology

There has never been a more exciting time to practice Academic Pathology. Advances in personalized and molecular genomic testing promise to disrupt and bring together disciplines in Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology, transforming the practice of pathology. In addition to continuing to provide accurate diagnostic information, pathologists play a central role interpreting and integrating the varied forms of pathological data in the context of clinical and imaging findings, guiding and predicting the outcomes of molecular based therapies. As leaders in the "study of disease" pathologists play a key role in the banking, characterization and distribution of diseased human tissue and cell resources for research. As principal investigators and clinician-scientists, academic pathologists will continue to lead cutting edge research to understand the pathogenesis of diseases in the different organ systems, while working to translate research and technological advances towards improved diagnostic-theranostic tests and new pathway-based treatments. This website compiles mission-directed digital resources and workshop announcements to assist faculty in developing their own academic program, in coordination with departmental and institutional priorities, towards effective advancement and greater career satisfaction.

Charleen T. Chu, MD, PhD Charleen T. Chu, MD, PhD
Inaugural Vice Chair for Pathology Faculty Development & Mentorship, 2016-2023